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Interview With Caro Buermann, Artist Manager and Curator

California based Caro Buermann is artist manager to Hikari Shimoda and curator at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, where she is involved with the gallery's program of artists. She generously answered a lot of our readers questions, ranging from day to day life as a curator to inquiring about submissions. We hope you enjoy learning more about her background and advice for artists as much as we did! Many thanks to Caro for her time and insights! Caro (left) with artist and designer ONCH (right) Pretty Girls Making Cool Shit: Thanks for much for your time and willingness to be interviewed! Would you like to introduce yourself? Caro Buermann: Thank you for the opportunity. My name is Caro and I am a Los Angeles based art curator. I’m also the manager of Japanese New Contemporary portrait painter Hikari Shimoda. As a curator of Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, a big part of my job is to help define the gallery’s growing program of artists. I’m coming up on my fifth year wit

Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld

  We love these portraits and snapshots of daily life and interactions that Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld creates! She puts a new life on these remnants of the past by blocking out colors and shadows to capture their narrative. Her work explores relationships between memory, documentation, and nostalgia.  Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld is a painter working in River North, Chicago. She received her BA in Studio Art from Hollins Univer sity in Roanoke, Virginia, and MFA in Visual Art from Washing University in St Lois. She has continued learning at te Jerusalem Studio School master class in  Civita Castellana as well as the University of Chicago and Hyde Park Art Center. Before relocating to Chicago, she had the opportunity to research and make art in Europe and the Middle East. Working out of her home studio, she revisits unresolved paintings and takes inspiration from an archive of found snapshot photographs. She as show in local museums, pop-up galleries, and group exhibits in the Chicago area, and