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Marissa Biven

Brush strokes, mark making, washes of color, exposed supports and splashes of gold capture the dreamy worlds created by Marissa Biven. She uses mixed media work to celebrate and explore nature. She explains her work: Marissa Biven is a mixed media artist from Texas. She works primarily in watercolor and collage, but dabbles with acrylic painting as well from time to time. When Marissa isn't in the studio, she is spending time with her three dogs, or enjoying tacos and BBQ. My work is a celebration of the natural world. Meant to be fun and reverent at once, these multilayered collages are places for the viewer to get lost. Made up of layers of painted vellum, hand-drawn details, and accents of light-catching flakes of mica, these magical landscapes twist and wind their way toward the horizon, and toward that sense of the sublime that one feels when looking out into the wilderness.  Find Marissa on Instagram @ravenandmoon prints available at www.soci

Chelsea Criger

The sculptural mountains created by Chelsea Criger invite the viewer to face forward while also taking the time to reflect, using a variety of materials, pattern, and techniques to create dream like dioramas of a mini fantasy landscape. We want to explore the details of each one! Chelsea Criger is an emerging artist currently based in Detroit, Michigan. The mediums she works in are installation art, abstract painting, and sculpture. Her work has been previously exhibited in the Midwest, New York, and London.  Chelsea has previously worked at the Sidewalk Festival Detroit, Lexington Children’s Theatre, the Fish Factory Creative Centre, Hawthorne and Heaney, and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology from Oakland University. Chelsea shares insight into her work and process: Having begun my training in the theatre arts, I discovered a love of self-expression through abstract painting, inst

Nicole Schneider

By this point, you all know we love color, texture, and patterns. Naturally, we can't get enough of Nicole Schneider's work! This Ohio based artists combines printmaking techniques to contrast structured and free form lines in her work, creating contrasting bold patterns referencing desire to find balance amid order and chaos one may experience in day to day life. Nicole Schneider received her BFA in printmaking from Kent State University in 2007, and her MFA in printmaking from Kent State University in 2012. In 2011, Schneider was honored with the Thomas D. Little Prize for Excellence in Printmaking. From 2008 to 2018, Schneider worked in various capacities for the printmaking cooperative Zygote Press, Inc., including that of Gallery Director (2012-2015), and lead printer on several projects for Ink House (2014-2018), producing editions for Michelle Grabner and Adeel uz Zafar, the 2014 Creative Fusion Residency artist. In 2015, Schneider was commissione

Bussie Parker Kehoe

Is that a pile of flower petals on a beautiful spring day? The meticulously crafted work of Bussie Parker Kehoe uses acrylic paint in an unexpected display, often imitating nature, exploring presence and absence or order.  Bussie Parker Kehoe studied printmaking and drawing at the University of Virginia. Her art practice was put on pause for a time, during which she practiced law, started a family, and taught art to preschool-aged children in Washington DC.   After a couple of family moves, the need to create could not be contained any longer and Bussie opened her first studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.   Bussie was able to share some great insight into her work: I love to tinker with materials in meticulous and unexpected ways—no material or process is off-limits. While tinkering, I am processing my feelings, thoughts, memories, hopes, life experiences; and my art is the language that I use to communicate with others. I think that I communicat

Lauren Scott Corwin

With everything happening in the world right now, we took a slight pause on blog posts and figuring out appropriateness/examining new approaches to this blog, and well, life. Naturally, we were drawn to the work of Lauren Scott Corwin. She creates stylized work examining perceptions of our surrounding, and the challenges created by the notions of progress. Lauren Scott Corwin received a BFA in Painting from Maryland Institute College of Art, and an MFA from the University of Delaware. She has exhibited both domestically and internationally, and has participated in various artist residencies, like the Vermont Studio Center and the Sodus Art Banck. Her work has been published in Fresh Paint Magazine and Studio Visit Magazine. Lauren Scott Corwin currently teaches design at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Western Massachusetts, and lives with her husband and 3-year-old son. She shares some insight into her work: After becoming a mother, I started, for