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Annie O'Rourke

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of consumption, and notably, questioning sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Many artists and designers are taking a stance and finding new ways to approach the production of apparel and accessories. Today's featured artist, Annie O'Rourke, is no exception. We love her work, particularly her statement earrings! We hope you enjoying learning more about her and her work! Annie O'Rourke is a Dublin based artist who creates embroidered earrings made from at least 80% recycled materials as well as large embroidery patches.  She received a BA in textiles from The National College of Art and Design in Dublin. After graduation, she says she "began to realize the corruption that goes on in the world concerning all of our clothes and I know from then I wanted to work against the fast fashion industry!" Her mission is to prevent plastic in costume jewelry from ending up in