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Brandi Marie Little

Incredibly detailed, lifelike portraits, Brandi Marie Little captures personality with a bit of wit, nostalgia, and history is her amazing paintings! Her work transports the viewer to a different time and evokes emotion with her monochromatic vintage portraits. We loves her work at first sight and know you will too!

Brandi Marie Little is a visual artist living and working in historic Savannah, Georgia. Primarily a painter, she also works with fiber, collage, and sculpture. Brandi was first introduced to oil painting as a small child by her paternal grandmother while spending summers with her in Louisiana. She considers collecting and preserving the past a crucial part of her process. When she is not making art, she spends her time restoring her over one-hundred-year-old Victorian house with her husband, two pet rabbits, and one special needs chihuahua named Frida.

Brandi eloquently shares more about her work:

My current work focuses on nostalgia, loss, and mourning; which I investigate through the process of collecting discarded vintage photo booth and school portraits from estate sales and antique shops, and translating them into large scale oil paintings. I consider myself somewhat of a caretaker of these discarded mementos and use this as a tool to explore my own fixation on loss, death, my rapidly dwindling extended family, and lack of concrete ancestral history. My current work is definitely a response to losing several close family members at a young age, as well as losing the land my family grew up on and, therefore, much of my connection to my own past. Recently, I have found myself detaching from what one might guess are the narratives of these abandoned images and treating them more like abstract paintings that I can project my feelings through, like sending ghosts forward with messages to those still on earth. As Louise Bourgeois said, “Nostalgia is a form of mourning.” But what are we mourning? When those who loved the dead are gone, what still remains?

You definitely want to see more of her amazing work! Find Brandi online and on Instagram @brandimarielittle


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