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Karen Schremmer

Florida based Karen Schremmer's collages will have you continuously dreaming of summer! Bold use of color, figures, animals, botany, (some of our favorite things) create an intoxicating dream scape in her mixed media work.

Karen Schremmer has been continuously creating her entire life: drawing on Barbies and her brothers, painting, photography, jewelry and clothing design, interior decorating, home renovation, fiber arts, and culinary pursuits, among other things. Originally from Illinois, Karen moved to Florida, a place she considers full of beauty, with an endless supply of inspiration. She inevitably received a BFA from University of South Florida, with a focus in painting. After working in the art field for a few years, life circumstances required her to briefly take a different career path.

Happy to be able to return to her roots, she has vigorously renewed her focus on the visual arts, currently working in mixed media. Her assemblages ignore the traditional boundaries between the digital and analog-painting, collage and photography. Her blended technique exemplifies the combing of seemingly unrelated existences into vibrant, beautiful collectives.

It should come as no surprise that we are obsessed with the beautiful color and elements of Schremmer's work. We had to find out some more about her process! Here's what she told us:

Most of my art is created with a "collaging" process. Often, this is occurring on several different levels. First, the blending of the opposing: analog versus digital, my photos meshed with magazine photos, new juxtaposed with re-purposed, black and white versus color. On another level, there is the melange of the seemingly unrelated images: objects, people, flowers, animals. And on an additional level, I see the work as a collective homage to each photographer that captured the image I cut out, the person that grew the flower photographed, every artist who's influenced me, the printer who printed and stretched my canvas, each Instagram liker, and gallery viewer. Whatever the individual meaning, it's all with this backdrop or interconnectedness, a collaged community; something of meaning and beauty.

If you want to see more of her work, find her on Instagram @karenschremmer


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